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What's New?

inYte introduces a medley of innovative and ground-breaking features to enhance your calling experience. Experience the next generation of cellular call with inYte.

Live Video Caller ID

With inYte's cutting-edge Video Caller ID, users are granted a remarkable advantage – a live video preview of the caller appears even before the call is answered. This groundbreaking feature transcends traditional communication by adding a distinctly personal dimension. Instant identification of the caller becomes a breeze, allowing for swift and accurate recognition. This feature not only adds a personal touch to communication but also helps users to identify the caller quickly, making the experience more interactive and engaging.

Rich Call

No more starting a conversation with confusion about why someone is calling or being presented with same old, boring call screen. The Rich Call feature empowers callers with the ability to attach context, in the form of engaging GIFs and concise text to their calls. When the recipient's phone rings, they're presented with this context even before answering the call. This ensures that the call's purpose is known upfront, leading to more productive and engaging conversations.

Cellular Video Call

inYte is the only application that enables video over ANY cellular call - across TELCOS and phone platforms. Cellular communication reaches new heights with inYte's innovative Cellular Video Call feature. The transition from regular audio call into a dynamic video is smooth and effortless, injecting a fresh dimension of face-to-face connection into your usual cellular conversations. Embrace the power of visual communication, breaking down barriers and fostering more engaging, personal, and impactful conversations through the magic of Cellular Video Call.

Internet Audio & Video Call

inYte takes communication beyond traditional cellular networks by enabling internet audio and video calls. This allows users to connect with friends and family globally, without incurring hefty international calling charges. Whether you're traveling or staying connected with loved ones abroad, inYte's internet audio and video calls make it convenient and cost-effective.

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